General Packet builds premise based networks.  We build our own networks, or those of our clients, develop our own applications and sell “connected time” to our growing customer base. 

We build Broadband Networks using radio, fiber and copper for Wi-Fi Services, Switched Ethernet Services, and Video Services.

We build Low Power Wide Area Networks that pull data from battery powered sensors and post it to a dash-board or send it to a mobile device. 

We create custom network interfaces, and share data across networks securely. 

Our lab has produced meaningful new services and we continue to develop new applications which we make available to our customers. 

Here is how to reach us —

If you need tech support and your need is immediate, contact our Help Desk by calling 877-608-7515 anytime. 

If your support requirements are not immediate, please send an email to  

For billing questions send an email to

For a project you want to talk about call the sales department at 866-498-7386, or send an email to

General Packet’s east coast mailing address is:
P.O. Box 6586. Providence, RI 02940.