Looking for a back-office system or find your current OSS & Back Office provider is unable to quickly change access policy on your portal page, or unable to offer an amenity service with a premium connection up-sell?

If you feel like your HSIA or Wi-Fi service is not keeping up with your competitors or your customer’s demands it might be time to switch providers.  General Packet has a centralized OSS and Back Office Service we call IRIS that is perfectly suited to Authenticate, Authorize and Account for just about any kind of on-demand HSIA or Wi-Fi connection.  Iris is easy to work with and is, among other things:

  • Capable of limiting the speed of every time-delimited session;
  • Features viewable and downloadable reports;
  • Centrally hosted in a secure data facility;
  • Already integrated with major on-line merchant processors;
  • Able to post .jpg, .png and .swf ads and bar-coded coupons on a Portal Page.

General Packet’s IRIS service is cloud based and available in real-time 7 x 24 x 365.  IRIS works with all access controllers and is as customizable and flexible as you want it to be.  Use IRIS as a stand-alone AAA service or combine IRIS services with Diagnosticon Network Management and Pronto Soccorso Help Desk services for a turnkey outsourced Managed HSIA or Wi-Fi Service.