Wi-Fi is the most popular way people connect to the Internet.  According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, there are more than 13 billion Wi-Fi devices in use distributed all over the world.
Public Access Wi-Fi is an Internet network that can be accessed by any device with a Wi-Fi adapter.   Public Access Wi-Fi is accessed from a Portal Page that appears when a user launches an Internet browser.  Accessing the Internet beyond this Portal Page requires compliance with an access policy.  This Portal Page can be branded, can feature advertisements, or can present other forced content like coupons or product information. Public Access Wi-Fi can put your brand or messaging in front of people who use the Internet from your place of business.  It can also dictate usage requirements and prevent access to certain web sites from your place of business and protect you from potential misuse of the Internet by people on your premise. Public Access Wi-Fi can also be used to start a conversation with your customers. Establishing a data collection campaign within a Wi-Fi service offering  is a common practice in the industry today.  The simplest way to establish a data collection campaign in a Wi-Fi network would be by inserting policy compliance into the log-in process and having the network user input the data.  Another way would be by incorporating SMS messaging into the onboarding process and establishing a true two-way communication.  A third way would be letting machines do the work by capturing probe data frames in a database and analyzing the feature-rich and voluminous data set which is produced as a result.  Each methodology has its own unique requirements, cost and returns and we will help you find out which one is right for your organization. General Packet builds Wi-Fi networks for Wi-Fi users.  If you are looking to control the airspace in your business, wishing to offer a branded Internet experience to customers while limiting your exposure to Internet misuse, want to become more acquainted with your customer’s habits and preferences, or simply want to offload the management, maintenance and support of your existing Wi-Fi network,  contact General Packet at 866-498-7386 for a no obligation quotation.